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Crane Construction

Fully licensed steel fixer in London

On construction sites, it's important that we work closely with our engineering designers to complete the overall structure of the project. In addition, Malsia Reinforcement Specialist work on a variety of different groundworks, steel, and shuttering projects throughout London.

Steel on a building site
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Man cutting steel

Steel fixing service

Steel fixing involves working with various types of steel during the construction stage of the building process. We use reinforced concrete and steel bars to support bigger structures. This involves working closely with steel, bending, and cutting steel bars, along with using detailed engineering plans. If you're looking for a contractor who can offer steel fixing, get in touch with our specialists today by calling 07305 340003 for your free quotation.

Man on a building site with tools

Groundworks and shuttering

Shuttering is a temporary mould that is used to hold wet concrete in place until it has settled. Before this procedure, a groundworks check would have to be carried out, to ensure that the location is safe to build on. After acceptance, the building foundation would then be carried out, in preparation for the construction work. If you would like to know more about groundworks and shuttering, or you're interested in our service, then please get in contact with us today.

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For groundworks, contact our fully licensed steel fixers in London today on 07305 340003 for your free quote.

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